Global Projects

Rise For Lives typically holds 1-2 global peace campaigns each year, alongside a consultation based peace deal - with an in depth focus on one particular humanitarian issue per year. 


On Ground: Evacuations from Ukraine and Afghanistan

We work directly with our partner organizations to assist with evacuating and resettling high at risk families and individuals from war zones.

One of the families whose evacuation and resettlement we helped coordinate was the Darkhani Family, who were at great risk of being killed in Afghanistan after the Taliban took over in 2021. We helped her and her family to get to Pakistan safely and coordinated the raising of the funds which have been covering over 50 refugees food and safety accommodation in Pakistan for over 7 months now. We are in the process of helping to resettle them outside of the Middle East.

While we assisted Faiza and her family, she was named BBC’s 100 most influential women for 2021. We will continue assisting with evacuating and resettling people whose lives are at great risk.


Educational projects: Earth Diverse

Rise For Lives is in partnership with Earth Diverse, who facilitates educational workshops and events in New Zealand and virtually. In collaboration with Earth Diverse we’re in the process of organizing our next in-person and virtual Rise For Lives event taking place on the 26th of May 2022. We will largely focus on educating people about various crises, including Syria, Afghanistan, and Ukraine. The in person event will be taking place in Hamilton, New Zealand, and will be streamed on our social media pages. There will also be an opportunity for others to be a part of the conversations through Zoom.

Speakers: Rise For Lives Directors, Timi Barabas and Beth Claire, alongside Earth Diverse Director Nona Morris.


Announcement will be made this week with event details. To learn more about our educational partner EarthDiverse, click here.


Influence Policy: Peace Deal

Our 2022 peace deal project is aimed at finding effective solutions to assist in restoring peace in Ukraine.


It will be presented to various representatives worldwide, with the hopes that the solutions documented in our peace deal will help world leaders implement more effective procedures.


Our deal will be consultation based, we will speak to politicians, peace and legal professionals, and those directly impacted by war in Ukraine.


Alongside our usual peace walks, advocacy events, and collaborative petitions, we aim to encourage the public and our leaders to take refreshed recommendations into account when working on restoring peace in war torn nations.

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