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Some of our key past projects/successes in New Zealand and Global

There is the 2020 video :

In 2020 November Otago Boys High School in Dunedin New Zealand held a fully student run school wide event where they have held bake sales, raffles and educational events which has raised overall over  $1500 towards Save The Children Yemen and has involved over 2000 students. 

They have gathered the support of teachers, students and even the outside community with their hard work. They have created posters, baked cakes and other types of food and have come up with many creative ideas which resulted in successful fundraising for Yemen and in hundreds of students being educated about the Yemeni crisis. All the money raised went directly to help people affected by the Yemen conflict on the Yemeni ground.

In 2020 November Otago Girls held a school wide fundraiser and educational day for Yemen where everyone was challenged to come into school in their pajamas and take pictures of themselves with Yemeni flags ( and post them on their platforms) as a way to raise awareness about Yemen. They were also challenged to bring donations. 

That day was a huge success %98 of the school including the teachers and leadership team showed up in pajamas and made a donation to the cause. They raised around over $2000 overall and involved over 2000 people. Their creative way of fundraising and educating youth and school staff plus the community about the Yemeni crisis was outstanding and a huge success. All the money raised went directly to help people affected by the Yemen conflict on the Yemeni ground.

In February 2021 we ran our first National Peace Walk for Yemen which over 10 cities from around New Zealand participated in. Cities included Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Auckland, Blenheim, Hamilton, Invercargill. We had hundreds of people participating from around the world and were covered by major media in New Zealand including NZherald and TVNZ. Our peace walk was fully non-political and its purposes were to raise awareness about the Yemeni crisis and encourage our government to take more action to help restore peace in Yemen. 

Pictures about some of our past work:

Pictures about some of our past work

Our key projects in 2022


On the 14th of April, Stratford High School in Taranaki NZ held a fully student ran school wide fundraiser to support Rise For Lives peace efforts for Ukraine. Over 500 youth  participated in challenges that supported them in learning more about the crisis and what they can do to make a change. Each class at the Stratford High School held a creativity challenge, where students designed posters, letters, and drawings for children coming into New Zealand from Ukraine. These were submitted to the Aroha for Ukraine book: a project which they are creating for Ukrainian refugee children coming into NZ.

Stratford High School raised hundreds for Rise For Lives, in support of our coming direct action campaigns for peace.


We have organized an awareness event in New Zealand for Ukraine which included people walking around cities in New Zealand and handing out flyers about the Ukrainian crisis and what people can do to support it/where they can donate.

We have had people participating in 5 cities across the country. Unfortunately, due to COVID the event couldn’t be as big as we hoped. We have however hope this has helped to raise awareness and encourage action for Ukraine.


We have set up Rise For Lives clubs in over 8 new schools from across New Zealand where our youth leaders have run events to educate people about the Ukrainian crisis and on what youth can do to help

Global Section:

-Our key projects in 2022:


#RiseforliveUkraine challenge: In February 2022 as a way to help advocate against the Ukrainian war our youth globally  organised a competition where young people were challenged to publish a video of themselves sharing how they don’t want war in Ukraine and how they feel about the situation and to challenge 10 other people to do the same.We had people participating from all across the world. The most creative and liked video won a voucher. We hope that with this project we were able to encourage many people to speak up about the war in Ukraine and raise awareness about the importance of peace.

You can find some of the video below


 #Youthrise4lives Open Letter: In February 2021 we wrote a global open letter to the Russian and other world governments which has been published in several media articles. We hoped that this open letter would help raise awareness about Ukraine, motivate other young people to take action for peace in Ukraine and last but not least to encourage world leaders to take action.

The full letter can be found here:


Youthrise4lives Peace Solution Deal For Ukraine

In 2022 and 2023 our key focus is working towards helping to end the Ukrainian crisis.

Thus Rise for Lives is creating a global consultation and public engagement  based peace deal aimed at finding practical solutions to assist in restoring peace in Ukraine. As countries are so focused on their national interests when attending peace talks for Ukraine, finding practical solutions is incredibly bureaucratic and challenging. Our peace solution deal is entirely neutral and aims to offer outside the box effective and non-partisan solutions that can help world leaders/leading institutions & NGOs find effective/new ways of restoring peace in Ukraine.

Our peace deal will be presented to the United Nations, the White House, EU and various representatives from all parties (NATO, Ukraine, Russia) in early 2023 by young peace activists behind Rise For Lives. You can get in touch with us on if you are interested to learn more or get involved. 

Also follow our social media pages for regular updates on the above project and its progress.

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