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We are looking for volunteers of any ages from all across the globe:


Rise For Lives is always seeking passionate and reliable volunteers to help us grow our movement and create greater impact. We want those who can take initiative, perform well in a team, and are genuinely passionate about our goals. Prior experience is welcome but not required. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated and will contribute to creating a world free of war and thus saving people’s lives across the world.


JOIN US!: We are particularly interested in social media, fundraising, recruitment, and event/campaign coordination. If you are interested please email We can’t wait to hear from you!



We are looking for partner organizations to work together with and funders and sponsors to financially support our work:


If you are interested in partnering/collaborating with us (regardless of the area you/your organization works in) or/and if you are an individual/organization interested in funding or supporting our work with other types resources please reach out to  We will be very grateful for any support we can get no matter how big or school and we are also looking to partner  with as many organizations as possible across the world a non financial way as we believe change is only possible if we all unite our efforts and work together.

Let us stand together and speak for those whose voices aren’t being heard.”

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