An open letter to global change makers

Hello, Kia ora, Bonjour, Hola, Ni Hao, Guten tag, Hallo,


As a new youth movement created this year, we would like to express the significance of the crucial situations that children are suffering from around the globe. Weighing on our conscience is the awareness of millions and millions of innocent children suffering in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and other countries alike due to brutal wars happening in our world. Despite not having experienced life in this world for as long as you may have nor having lived through circumstances of which we may not understand, we have come to learn one thing and that is that nobody has the right to take another human being’s life! No child deserves to lose their family and friends right in front of their very eyes nor does any mother deserve to watch their pure, innocent child die in such unjust circumstances. It is difficult for any of us to look at ourselves in the mirror knowing that we have privileges that others dream of, the food that is thrown away and the water wasted are essentials that are left unappreciated while so many mothers yearn to gain a drop to save their children. The thought of being hurt, killed and forced to flee your home may seem inconceivable to those who have lived around those benefits but to others, it’s their reality. Fearing for your family at every single living moment is the verity that refugees and those living in war torn countries have to live with. The anxiety of losing someone that you love in the blink of an eye, haunts them. We all deserve to live and to be loved, we deserve the chance to live in a peaceful and safe environment, not just us, not just them, but all of us. To achieve that goal means to put our differences aside and stand up together in unity for peace! We are talking about human lives! We are all in this together as human beings, not as Kiwis, not as Yemenis or Syrians, but as humanity. 


We must stand in unity and do our parts to end these wars. We are asking you to do your part as we do ours!  This is a message of urgence where we ask you to empathise with those suffering from these humanitarian crises. 


Please show us that you care, please act and give hope to the millions who lost hope out there! These people deserve to live in peace! These kids deserve the chance to experience adulthood! These people deserve a chance to live! These people are just as valuable as we are!


Let’s stand together in unity and love for the common purpose of protecting these innocent people’s lives. We have the power to end wars, we have the power to save the lives of millions of people!


Rise For Lives is currently advocating for the end of war in Yemen. The war in Yemen has been going on for 5 years now and has caused the end of the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent children and people. Experts have named the Yemeni Crisis the largest man-made humanitarian crisis on the planet in the last 100 years. Together we can bring peace to Yemen and help the millions of people suffering.

To learn more about the war in Yemen:


Yours Sincerely,

The Rise For Lives Team

Timi Barabas (Founder and National Coordinator, Hamilton), Hanin Taha (National Co-Leader, Dunedin)
Madison Flannery, Lillian McCreath, Cassandra Truscott, Isabella Wickremesekera, Eva Gundesen, Tasfia Mahmood, Kelly McGregor, Elaine Li, Lexi Rutherford, Mia Perkins, Willow Noome, Meg Higgs, Mia Sutherland, Shelly Liang, Tamara Ruaporo, Travis Palmer, Logan Palmer, Charis Bell, Dante Dawes, Meghana Gaddam, Sacha McConnon, Ken Reyner, Willis McNaughton,  Nitya Dwivedi, Ethan Wells, Mikayla Robson, Elisa Starlinger, Kim Sab, Misipeka Ana, Sarah Habib, Abbey Craig, Gabby Parish, Emma Faherty, Joy Ma, and more.