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About Us

“Rise For Lives is a global youth peace organization. It was founded by 18-year-old Timi Barabas in New Zealand in July 2020 with the hope of inspiring people to stand up in unity for peace in war-torn countries. Timi, our international CEO, was joined by Beth Claire in March 2021, who is now the Deputy Executive Director at Rise For Lives. Rise For Lives went from starting as a small movement in New Zealand to operating/having members in over 15 countries. As some of the conflicts affected continents, we have a strong presence in Africa and the Middle East.


Timi, Beth, and Rise For Live's international team of young leaders are determined to empower more young people and global changemakers to stand up and work for peace. Our ultimate goal is to work towards creating a world free of wars.”

- You can learn more about our team here.



Rise For Lives aims to bring people of all ages, with a key focus on youth together from all across the world to work together in a united, educated, and harmonious way for global peace. Through direct action and education on humanitarian affairs, we, as leaders of not only tomorrow but also today, aspire to create a world free of wars for current and future generations.

Our work

Rise For Lives has been fundraising in schools and communities for direct humanitarian support for people affected by wars since our inception. Since mid July we’ve expanded to 10+ cities around Aotearoa ( New Zealand) and have had youth joining our organization from 15+countries.


With the support of Rise For Lives, students are enabled to host educational and fundraising events to aid humanitarian crises all across New Zealand and the globe. Many of our own volunteers are paving the way and also hosting events outside of their schools to help educate people about conflicts  and to fundraisers for the organizations we work with, including Save the Children who directly help people in warzones.


In late 2020 and 2021 we organized and held school-wide fundraising drives in schools around New Zealand, where we raised thousands that went towards Save The Children. As a part of this initiative we held educational events at schools with speakers and other activities that helped educate young people about humanitarian crises. We had over 3000 young people directly participating both from primary and high schools across the country and the globe.


In February 2021 we ran our first National Peace Walk for Yemen which over 10 cities from around New Zealand as well as people from overseas ( virtually) have participated in. Cities included Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Auckland, Blenheim, Hamilton and Invercargill. Our peace walk was fully non-political and its purposes were to raise awareness about the Yemeni crisis and encourage the New Zealand government to take more action to help restore peace in Yemen and aid refugees. In March of 2021, we were amplified by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Yemen where our successes in the coordination of 10+ national events were recognised.


In April 2021 some of our members were invited to speak at the Young Labour Conference at the University of Auckland so that youth supporting the Labour Party could learn more about what they could do when working with the New Zealand government to help reduce wars. We are fully non-partisan and give speeches at many kinds of events.

We are excited and determined to continue making a difference for peace across New Zealand and the globe.

In 2022 we are leading our yet biggest global diplomacy campaign for peace restoration in Ukraine which is involving over 30 organisations from all over the world and hundreds of youth, peace diplomats and professionals from many different backgrounds. We are also in the process of organising educational campaigns, events and workshops to educate youth and politicians about peace restoration/action and humanitarian crises in several countries including New Zealand and Zimbabwe.


We are excited and determined to continue making a difference for peace across New Zealand and the globe. 

To learn more about our projects click here 

Pictures show some of our members at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC

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R4L Values

  • Respect and acceptance of all cultures, religions, appearances, ethnicities, and differences.

  • Denouncing discrimination, judgment, criticism or hate.

  • Equality and love for everyone.

  • Empathy and compassion towards everyone.

  • Practicing and promoting peace, harmony, and mediation.

  • Love and respect for all people, regardless of culture, sexual or gender identity, appearance, ethnicity, social status, skin colour, beliefs, religion, or economic status

  • Political neutrality.

  • Unity in standing for love, peace and harmony.

  • Condemnation of violence in any of its forms.

  • Integrity, honesty, and transparency.

  • Equity and equality in all things.

  • Access to education, food, and clean water for everyone, and a safe, peaceful country, home, and environment to live in.

  • Freedom from sexism and environments in which people are oppressed because of their gender or sex.

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