About Us


Rise For Lives is a youth movement. It was founded by Timi Barabas (19 years old) in New Zealand in early August 2020 with the hope to inspire people to stand up in unity for peace in war-torn countries like Yemen.

The Yemeni Crisis is the largest humanitarian crisis on the planet in the past 100 years.

Since August, Timi has been the national coordinator of Rise For Lives and is determined to empower more young people and global changemakers to stand up for peace in Yemen and other war-torn countries.

Who we are

We are young people from across New Zealand standing up and promoting peace worldwide by organising peace walks and fundraising events to educate people about these humanitarian crises. We want to spread awareness about regions in the world that were hit hard by war or humanitarian crises.

We want to make this world a little better. But since this is hard to achieve on our own we would like to bring people together to fight for change. Together we can move mountains!

Our Work

  • Young people in cities across New Zealand are organising fundraising events to raise money for Save The Children and the United Nations agencies working in Yemen.
  • Youth across New Zealand are working together to organise peace marches for Yemen. Our first national peace march for Yemen and took place on the 27th of February in 2021 in New Zealand.

Our goals:

  • 1. Encourage the Nz government to influence governments around the world through diplomatic channels to take action to bring peace to Yemen.
  • 2. Encourage the NZ government to do an independent inquiry into NZ’s businesses involvement in the Yemeni war.
  • 3. Increase humanitarian aid to Yemen.

We are working with local activists and organisations to encourage the NZ government to do an independent inquiry into New Zealand’s businesses involvement in the Yemeni war. This is to ensure NZ is not contributing to the Yemeni war either directly or indirectly.

Why Yemen

Our main focus is currently Yemen as it’s the largest humanitarian crisis on the planet and over 24 million people live over the poverty line. 80% of Yemen’s population is suffering from malnutrition. We feel that Yemen doesn’t get near the amount of attention and assistance it should get. Our goal is to bring attention to this issue and peacefully encourage people and governments to stand up and take action to help the millions of Yemenis suffering.

We care about all countries hit by war or humanitarian crises and we are going to be raising awareness about other countries hit hard by wars in the years to come. 


To learn more:

Our  four main aims are:

1. To bring attention to the Yemeni Crisis (the “forgotten war”), the largest humanitarian crisis on the planet,

2. To encourage the international community to stand up in a united and peaceful way for peace in Yemen, and

3. To urge more global media coverage on Yemen and help create awareness of the catastrophic situation.

4. To raise money to help the people of Yemen.

In addition, we stand with the five points the United Nations has published:

1. Protection of civilisations. 

Innocent individuals and families do not deserve to experience the brutalities of war. The millions of young people in Yemen who have no hope in sight for a better future, deserve a brighter future!

2. Humanitarian access. 

60% of the country has nothing to eat and 58% do not have access to clean water. We call for humanitarian aid to provide care and basic health supplies for all. 

3. Funding for the aid operation. 

80% of Yemen’s population – 28 million people – are in need of humanitarian aid. Funding is essential. 

4. Progress towards peace. 

We encourage peace talks as well as engaged and committed political will amongst the conflicting parties to actively move towards peace in 2021.

5. The economy. 

We call for equal pay and welfare for those in need. The economy must refrain from corruption. 

More information on the points above can be found here:


Our values:

  1. Respect of all cultures, religions, appearances, ethnicities, and differences.
  2. Acceptance and celebration of differences. We do not accept discrimination in any form.
  3. Equality and love for everyone: everyone deserves a safe place to live and call home.
  4. Freedom from sexism and environments in which people are oppressed because of their gender or sex.
  5. Empathy and compassion towards everyone.
  6. Practising and promoting peace, harmony, and mediation.
  7. Love and respect for all people, regardless of their culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, appearance, ethnicity, social status, skin colour, beliefs, religion, or economic status.
  8. Unity in standing for love, peace and harmony.
  9. Respect for and support of human rights, together in unity and love.
  10. Condemnation of violence in any of its forms.
  11. Denouncing discrimination, judgment, criticism or hate.
  12. Political neutrality.
  13. Integrity, honesty, and transparency.
  14. Equity and equality in all things.
  15. Access to education, food, and clean water for everyone, and a safe, peaceful country, home, and environment to live in.